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read the rules and profile of the community

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This community is for creative people who would like to make up new words - the special fan-language
Hello, dear fellows!
You are in the English variant of the GACKTAURUS.
Being brief it’s a creative type of community for those who would like to make new words up.
The idea appeared in the course of being fan of another celebrity but only with Mr. GACKT that made a real sense.

So - what exactly do we do here?
We make up new words based on Mr. GACKT and his activities. Surely you are already using some of the words created by fans for fun. Maybe some of them are created by you personally ;) Such as OMG - which refers to "Oh, MY GACKT"
Now you have got the opportunity to bring the talent here and to show off with the new words - don't be afraid to reveal your creativity here))))))

GACKTAURUS is the derivation of two words: GACKT (name of the wholeheartedly loved Gackt-san) and Tesaurus (means the dictionary of terms). Following that very thought – that dictionary is a created compilation of creativeness in philology by fans of that beautiful person.

That is an English variant of the GACKTAURUS (RU) hopefully viable and you can join the creation of the book ;). Your humor, fantasy and smartness will bring a lot to the creation of the new words which can be used by all fans in the network)))) Please remember that your words will be put into the compilation of the wordpress as soon as they are undergone the moderation here according to the rules of the Gacktaurus (means the word as you as it's author will appear on wordpress)

To become a member of the community you have to just click "join the community", but you have to remember that this community is open and if you have joined it you gotta show your creativity - in other case administration would have to delete you from the list of the members.
So, if you have decided to join us you have to read the following:
Rules for the GACKTAURUS - Gravely important to know.
Be creative and communicative in this community and make up GACKTAURUS notions and definitions!
Invite your friends GACKT-san fans to the community ^____^