Russian GACKToneologisms translation?

As being the representative of the Russian speaking community and the mediator between this page and wordpress one I would be trying to interpret all of the new comings to the Russian page and would put links to this page in the GACKTAURUS compilation so it would be one unity for the sake of every GACKTofan.

But I also have a question to you, my friends!

We have created a huge Russian vocabulary of GACKTAURUS at Wordpress - would you like to see the translations of the words from the GACKTAURUS (Ru) here?

How to create posts?

You can create posts dedicated to GACKTaurus in this community. The rules are given here (gacktaurus rules), и and then the general rules for any subject. You can read the full information on how to make posts and what to write in them here.


To write of the word idea you create the new post and use the necessary letter in the subject of the post and in the tags for the post. And write the post according to the rules described below:

  • Subject: “Lettet(s)”, your nick (or name).

Example 1: New words on H, T, Nfrom Ishitaru.
Example 2: New words from Ishitaru on A, O, T.

  • Post body: you must write the following here:

WORDput the dash then and right after that the denotation of the given word: what does that word mean, of if you have few variants give then using the numbers – do it in the free style.

Gacktoxicationthe state in which person feels enough of Gackt music and him, but still in the aftermath of some time the person feels strong need in the repetition ‘cause the use to the Gacktoin makes it dependant.


Fan fiction and poetry

Post body must contain the following: only parts without this sign (*) – are optional - * are to be in the post!

  • * Author: your name or nick (if you are not the author – give all credits including the e-mail of the person on behalf of whom you make this post. Plus the information that allows you to post this here (if administration, upon the check of the information finds out that there was no authorization of the address in not available – the post is deleted));
  • * Title of the work;
  • Chapters: if you have those;
  • Type;
  • * Genre (read here);
  • Beta: it is better to have one – the person who would check your creation.
  • Fandome;
  • * Characters: if that is not a verse you should point the characters here;
  • * Rating: (read here);
  • * Content: it is better to give this part ‘cause the work can be big and you should give a sort of preview plus hide the big work under cut;
  • Condition: if you have not finished your work, please use this part;
  • * Refusal: here you say that you allow the community to post it here and in the Russian variant too;
  • From author: if you have this necessity;

*** Now your creation – better under cut.


Subject: ~confession~ – MikomiJade – G

Author: MikomiJade;
Title: ~Confession~
Type: verse;
Genre: poetry;
Characters: Gackt;
Raiting: G
Content: just a verse about him;
Refusal: I give this verse to the community;
From author: I felt very sad;

Now the verse (under cut)



Works you post here must be your works!

Post body must contain the following:

  • * Author;
  • * Title;
  • Type;
  • * Genre (here);
  • * Tool: you were drawing or creating it with picture edior…whatever but you gotta tell us of that;
  • * Rating (here);
  • Condition;
  • * Refusal;
  • From author: if there is a necessity;

Now your creations – they MUST be preview mode only!!!

*** Only your creations are in your topic!!!!


Ratings and genres

As this community is available for the GACKT-creations administration considers it’s necessary to give you some hints on the ratings and genres for the creations you have made which are not the words for the GACKTAURUS. If the rating is more that it is allowed to be read by children under 14, the post must be closed for the members only. If the creation is beyond the morality norms of the community, it will be deleted (read the Rules for the GACKTAURUS).


Necessary for fiction and visual creations.

The information about them can be found in different sources but the full is here. Try to keep strictly to the rating.
(from Wikepedia)

G – General Audiences;

PG rating symbol;
PG – Parental guidance suggested;
Some material may not be suitable for children;

PG-13 rating symbol;
PG-13 – Parents strongly cautioned;
Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13;

R rating symbol;
R – Restricted;
Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian;

NC-17 rating symbol;
NC-17 No one 17 and under admitted.


Genres for the fan-fiction:

Action/Adventure – lots of action, fights, adventures etc.

Adult – more to a rate of a genre – very close to adult rating! Adults only!

Angst – tragic in content, strongly emotional one.

AU (Alternative Universe) – something close to "what if", the alternative universe – the interpretation of the genre – let’s say the happenings of one and the same event went totally different direction, not the one shown in the canonic story. Characters of AU can get into "classic" universe and back again. Anyways that is a room for fantasy!

BDSM - ((Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism). Author of the work MUST OBLIGATORY put the level of cruelness into "warning" for the fic.

Crossover (x-over) – a cross or fusion of two or more universes of realities where the characters work and act together despite being from absolutely different fandoms.

Darkfic / Deathfic – such fics are full of great number of cruel scenes, deaths – well, those who like sadistic fiction are welcome.

Drama – everything you knew from the school about the drama but as the style and not genre – a dramatic content story.

ER (Established Relationship) – stable relationship between characters.

Filk/Song – a creation based on the song or even the song itself but remade, though sometimes can be remade into parody.

H/C (Hurt/Comfort) – author makes the heroes suffer of terrible disasters and beats – even physical ones and then he pitties the character with the help of another character.

Humor – parody, humor short stories, everything you can laugh at.

Missing scene – a scene that was "missing" in any episode of the canonic story. Usually that is an attempt to explain why this or the other character acted the way he(she) did.

Poetry – verses, lyrics.

POV – (Point Of View) – usually on behalf of the speaker – explanation of the point of view or some thoughts connected to the object of the conversation.

PWP – (Plot? What Plot?) – usually the story has no plot line and is an abstraction, most of the times erotic and sometimes even hard core ideas. Sometimes this genre is called lemon.

Romance – romances, love, flowers, birds, walks under the moon light etc.

RPF – (real person fiction) – fictions where the characters are the real people – actors, singers of other celebrities.

RPS – (real person slash) – almost the same as RPF but the characters mostly are involved into homosexual relations which is not in the reality.

Ship – shortening from "relationship", means the fiction with love – sort of the branch from romance.

Slash – relations between characters are more than just friendly and the level of intensity defined only by the rating of the fiction.

Vignette / Drabble – a short story in which some events or thought or anything is described (a very short one).


Rules for the GACKTAURUS

Here are the rules for the members on the issues of behavior and on how and what to post at this community Read them before making any action in the community. Upon learning the rules leave the comment here if you do agree to follow them and want to continue being the GACKTAURUS member.


New themes are all the time undergone the moderation before appearing in the community.

GACKTAURUS as very specific type of community allows and welcomes the new posts with the GACKT-dedicated-fan neologisms and their denotations (as any thesaurus - GACKTAURUS is also build in the same way). Now about the subjects you can post here:

1 – Themes dedicated to the new words for GACKTAURUS (how to create posts);

2 – Themes with any type of art (i.e.: verses, stories, drawings and manips only made by the community members (read ratings and genres information, how to create posts);

3 – Themes – polls or voting on the words that are already in the GACKTAURUS;

4 – Themes – polls or voting on authors of the GACKTOneologisms;

5 – Everything that is not in the list, must be discussed with the administration (for that PM or go to the – proposals and copmplains).


Here are the actions that are baned by the community and for which you can be excluded from the member list.

1 – Hot linking (read about hot linking in details here) is BANED. Use the media tools or special services to add the photos or any other files.

2 - Links to the sites of the dangerous character is banned, the sites that can harm PC of our members with viruses are not appreciated by the administrations and will lead to your exclusion if you post such links.

3 – The use of somebody else's creations or ideas without the authorization or credits is banned. Such posts and comments will be deleted in case of being aware that it belongs to someone else or in case of complains.

4 – Hostility to other members or non members of the Gacktaurus and use or dirty lexicon or humiliating words can serve as reason to ban the member.

III – SUBJECT: "New Words" and RULES for the CREATION of such posts

To tell of your new word idea you just have to create the new post, describe the word in accordance to the example given below:

Subject: it is gravely important to give the name of such subject and include the initial letter of the word you are describing (if you have more than one word with different letters, subject must contain all letters) which are to be described further in the post. And Subject must also contain the name of the words author. For instance: New words on "G", "K", "T" – from Ishitaru.

THE THREAD OF THE POST: here you have to write the following:

1 – Word

2 – After the word there must be its denotation: description of its meaning of few variants of the description the way you wan t to describe it.


Gackumasen – a sort of morphed structure word denoting the way of asking for forgiveness in the GACKT-fans circles.


As you have already understood from the rules mentioned before this community allows other subjects but those which are dedicated to the GACKTO-neologisms, but to make those you should follow some rules that exist in this community (read I - what themes and posts are allowed to be in this community):

1 – Subject and post itself must not contain elements that offend GACKT-san personality or any of his fans– i.e. it must not contain swear words or offensive in semantics expressions approaching GACKT-san or any of the community members;

2 – Subject and post itself must not contain pictures or expressions with the sexually offensive or even aggressive meaning;

3 – The subject or comment containing nothing in common with the community idea and posted without administration affirmation will be deleted. But mostly such posts and will simply not be allowed in the moderation process – reason (read. I – 5);

4 – Subject and post itself must not contain materials taken from other resource without permission to be used in this community and without credits.


Community members have right to create new subjects and comment those that are already here in accordance to the rules. Have right to participate in any voting in the community and to create the polls by them selves. They have right to constructively criticize and be criticized. Community members have right to actively participate in the life of the community and are obligated to support the community's life.


Administration of the community perceives the right for the measures taken to support the moral and ethic spirit of the community on the level which gives every member the feeling of protection and GACKT-san will  not be stained by any dirty thought of rules breakers.


This community is only alive 'cause of the members who are active and would like to show off their creativity. So, until you are active in posting and comments you are the community member.

The changes in the rules of the community are possible in further (there will be announcements on any of the changes).

Sincerely yours, administration



Hello, that is the GACKTAURUS - the community dedicated to the creation of the fan's dictionary. It would be the English variant of the GACKTAURUS (RU) hopefuly viable and you can join the creation of the book ;).

Your humor, fantasy and smartness will bring a lot to the creation of the new words which can be used by all fans in the network))))

* If you have got the questions to the administration or issues, maybe offers, write us PM or here.

To become a member of the community you have to just click "join the community",
but you have to remember that this community is open and if you have joined it you gotta show your creativity - in other case administration would have to delete you from the list of the members.

Before making any action please learn the following

Rules for the GACKTAURUS
How to create posts here?
Learn the profile