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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G) - continuation

GACKTobiotics – medicine to treat ACamuinosis, used also to treat GACKTodeficiency, GWS (GACKT Withdrawal Syndrome) and GACKTlessness.
Composition: PVs, Movies, Platinums, concerts, interviews, any GACKT videos and also all of the songs plus photosets.
Note: GACKToaddictive, causes GACKTomany, GACKTofreny, GACKTsyndrome, and sometimes even GACKT-shell-shock. And causes exacerbation to those who are already infected. Makes the patient vulnerable to the GACKTovirus and to the GACKTonic disease.! Narcotics!
Indications: if the positive influence of the GACKTotherapy is not revealed, this drug can be additional means to treat the patient.
Contraindications: individual hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.
Dosing and Administration: individual.
Overdose indication: long-term treatment may have a general effect on the central nervous system and brain as a whole. This drug is dangerous for those who are heavily susceptible to KAWAII and highly emotional individuals.
Interaction with other drugs: taking this drug together with other strong psychotropic drugs is not recommended.
Shelf life: unlimited.
Storage conditions: keep in the CD, DVD etc form on the BEST shelf in the room, and the best place on your PC. Store carefully.
Recipe requirements: no recipe. Distributed freely among the GACKTofans and DEARS. (by Yumiko-sama)

GACKTslender – someone who has resemblance to GACKT in figure. Derives from the word “slender”, but do not confuse it – GACKT is now an Apollo type, and weights more than 60 kg now. (by Paiwey)

GACKTed – covered with the speakers which produce the sounds of GACKT music… (by Lady Inanna)

to Gackt – to feel sorrow when listening to GACKT (by Violette13)

to GACKTout – to talk a lot about GACKT with fans (by Tsukino)

to GACKTmad – the same with being crazy of GACKT ((by mikomijade))

GACKtic exacerbation – the period of the exacerbated feeling of love to this man, revealed by the constant watching of lives, PVs, listening to his music, looking at his pictures and constant gratitude to the fate that is has given you the chance to know this person (XDDD) (by Falabellla)

GACKTic ))))) – a-la gothic but in GACKT style, or something of that kind (by :ima:)

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