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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G) - continuation
ishitaru wrote in gacktaurus
GACKTslippers - part of the apparel of GACKT, attracting attention by being extremely unusual and frequent appearance in the G-blog. The specific features are: elongated toe, always worn with socks which are also usually called GACKTslippers because of the resemblance to the slippers (gym shoes). (by mikomijade)

GACKreaTe – the process which brings different beautiful creations usually humor type - GACKTjokes to life (by angel_of_fire)

GACKTets - (quibble - Gackt and Russian colloquial word which means bad outcome or mess up) the state that comes after the long being in shoition (ru) (a state of depression shortly), usually ends up with hospitalization, drugs and injection treatment and in some cases with straitjacket.....often GACKTets has a lethal outcome (joke) (by mikomijade)

GACKTbells (quibble - GACKT and dumbbells) – dumbbells for GACTK (by midori)



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