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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G)

Now, one of the biggest word blocks in GACKTAURUS RU so far: "G"

Will interpret it in few stages ‘cause it’s a bit big

Ga = 10 000 square metres – the unit of measurement used to count the space occupied by GACKT on the hard drive of GACKT-fan PC *green* (by Yumiko-sama)

GACKakiri – ritual suicide. The weapon used to perform this ritual is GACKT’s music, listened to without any breaks during a month, without any food or drinks – actually – that is the most severe type of ritual suicides in Japan. (by mikomijade)

GACKT-ICQ – mix of GACKT and a well known soft ICQ… (by amaijazz)

GACKToYoulike – synonym for yaoi, but reminding of the certain photoset of GACKT and You. (by mikomijade)

GACKT-chat – to talk about GACKT (by Violette13)

GACKTobus – vehicle full of GACKT fans (by mikomijade)

GACKT Withdrawal Syndrome – a state of intense eagerness to listen to anything from GACKT, when listening ‘caused adaptation to GACKT and for some reasons there is no possibility to listen to him. It is followed by the strong sweat, shiver, and in some cases by the hallucinations….usually yaoi visions, and, in some rare cases, vomits (by mikomijade)

– when you turn on the GACKT music at the highest volume or when it’s a lot of his music and it brings a lot of positive to fans))))))) (by mikomijade)

To Go GACKT – to get crazy (by oshc)

– long gone mad ‘cause of GACKT ( by Violette13)

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