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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (V & W)
ishitaru wrote in gacktaurus
Before posting: I chose this letter 'cause it goes next in the Russian alphabet as А (a), Б (b), В (v & w).

Vanilla-like – despite of the common thought about the meaning of this adjective, from now on it has a new definition. That is the quality of the subject describing it’s sexuality and attractiveness. It reminds of GACKT with everything. Something that makes you desire not only to kiss someone but……..
use examples:
this actor is so vanilla-like
he has such a vanilla-like voice
(by mikomijade)

to vanilla – to do what GACKT offers in the verses of the song with the same name. (by mikomijade)

to vanillalize:
1 – to do some nasty things as for instance: to vanillalize someone (by Midori)
2 – «to flirt»…and surely then one can vanillalize, and the use of the word may also be referred ^__^ – the meaning of the «vanillalize» is in a sort of the visual заключался в некой зрительной prelude, non-physical contact (looks and hints :)), with all the nasty causes ;) ….hmm…yes – to flirt is not the exact word here :) (by Ai)

(by Царёк (Tsaryok))

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woooa vanillalize
this is cool haha
thanks a loooot for this!!!

glad you liked it)))))
you can make up soemthing too)))))
that would be awesome to have some fresh words for the GACKTAURUS

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