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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (B)
ishitaru wrote in gacktaurus
Gacktlessness (Безгактность) – (in Russian language it starts from B so it is here) mental withdrawal symptoms, which occurs as the result of GACKTo-dependence when for some reasons GACKTo-dependant cannon possess the information about GACKT or listen (watch) anything about GACKT. And GACKTo-dependants eager to absorb as much information as possible. Every GACKTo-dependant had its own terms for the GACKTo withdrawal symptoms; some can survive one day without him and some cannot stand a single hour without reading/watching/listening to GACKTOinformation. GACKTo- withdrawal symptoms are treated with the help of information concerning GACKT, the treatment course is totally individual and depends on terms and symptomatic reflections of the illness. (from ~Yuu Kuraibara~)

Butabara – is the statement said when one has no idea what to say (from Ayaka).

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