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GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (A)
ishitaru wrote in gacktaurus
ACamuinosis - critical insufficiency of GACKT in the cerebral activity of GACKTofans which occures as the result of temperance in watching or listening to GACKT. (by Violette13)

AriGACKTo (other versions: Domo ariGACKTo, ariGACKTo Godzaimasu or ariGACKTo Camuimasu) - a polite form of gratitude in the conversation between fans of GACKT (ariGACKTo Godzaimasu – very polite form))) – ad. by Mikomijade), (ariGACKTo Camuimasu – even more polite and full of respect form)))) – ad. by Cantara)


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arigackto camuimasu for this!!!!
ahaha this one is really perfect!!!! it even works perfectly when you say it :DDD

most of the Russian fans really do use it)))))
I heard it myself))))

this is one of my fav:DDD

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