GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G) - continuation

GACKTobiotics – medicine to treat ACamuinosis, used also to treat GACKTodeficiency, GWS (GACKT Withdrawal Syndrome) and GACKTlessness.
Composition: PVs, Movies, Platinums, concerts, interviews, any GACKT videos and also all of the songs plus photosets.
Note: GACKToaddictive, causes GACKTomany, GACKTofreny, GACKTsyndrome, and sometimes even GACKT-shell-shock. And causes exacerbation to those who are already infected. Makes the patient vulnerable to the GACKTovirus and to the GACKTonic disease.! Narcotics!
Indications: if the positive influence of the GACKTotherapy is not revealed, this drug can be additional means to treat the patient.
Contraindications: individual hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.
Dosing and Administration: individual.
Overdose indication: long-term treatment may have a general effect on the central nervous system and brain as a whole. This drug is dangerous for those who are heavily susceptible to KAWAII and highly emotional individuals.
Interaction with other drugs: taking this drug together with other strong psychotropic drugs is not recommended.
Shelf life: unlimited.
Storage conditions: keep in the CD, DVD etc form on the BEST shelf in the room, and the best place on your PC. Store carefully.
Recipe requirements: no recipe. Distributed freely among the GACKTofans and DEARS. (by Yumiko-sama)

GACKTslender – someone who has resemblance to GACKT in figure. Derives from the word “slender”, but do not confuse it – GACKT is now an Apollo type, and weights more than 60 kg now. (by Paiwey)

GACKTed – covered with the speakers which produce the sounds of GACKT music… (by Lady Inanna)

to Gackt – to feel sorrow when listening to GACKT (by Violette13)

to GACKTout – to talk a lot about GACKT with fans (by Tsukino)

to GACKTmad – the same with being crazy of GACKT ((by mikomijade))

GACKtic exacerbation – the period of the exacerbated feeling of love to this man, revealed by the constant watching of lives, PVs, listening to his music, looking at his pictures and constant gratitude to the fate that is has given you the chance to know this person (XDDD) (by Falabellla)

GACKTic ))))) – a-la gothic but in GACKT style, or something of that kind (by :ima:)


GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G) - continuation

GACKTslippers - part of the apparel of GACKT, attracting attention by being extremely unusual and frequent appearance in the G-blog. The specific features are: elongated toe, always worn with socks which are also usually called GACKTslippers because of the resemblance to the slippers (gym shoes). (by mikomijade)

GACKreaTe – the process which brings different beautiful creations usually humor type - GACKTjokes to life (by angel_of_fire)

GACKTets - (quibble - Gackt and Russian colloquial word which means bad outcome or mess up) the state that comes after the long being in shoition (ru) (a state of depression shortly), usually ends up with hospitalization, drugs and injection treatment and in some cases with straitjacket.....often GACKTets has a lethal outcome (joke) (by mikomijade)

GACKTbells (quibble - GACKT and dumbbells) – dumbbells for GACTK (by midori)


GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (G)

Now, one of the biggest word blocks in GACKTAURUS RU so far: "G"

Will interpret it in few stages ‘cause it’s a bit big

Ga = 10 000 square metres – the unit of measurement used to count the space occupied by GACKT on the hard drive of GACKT-fan PC *green* (by Yumiko-sama)

GACKakiri – ritual suicide. The weapon used to perform this ritual is GACKT’s music, listened to without any breaks during a month, without any food or drinks – actually – that is the most severe type of ritual suicides in Japan. (by mikomijade)

GACKT-ICQ – mix of GACKT and a well known soft ICQ… (by amaijazz)

GACKToYoulike – synonym for yaoi, but reminding of the certain photoset of GACKT and You. (by mikomijade)

GACKT-chat – to talk about GACKT (by Violette13)

GACKTobus – vehicle full of GACKT fans (by mikomijade)

GACKT Withdrawal Syndrome – a state of intense eagerness to listen to anything from GACKT, when listening ‘caused adaptation to GACKT and for some reasons there is no possibility to listen to him. It is followed by the strong sweat, shiver, and in some cases by the hallucinations….usually yaoi visions, and, in some rare cases, vomits (by mikomijade)

– when you turn on the GACKT music at the highest volume or when it’s a lot of his music and it brings a lot of positive to fans))))))) (by mikomijade)

To Go GACKT – to get crazy (by oshc)

– long gone mad ‘cause of GACKT ( by Violette13)


GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (V & W)

Before posting: I chose this letter 'cause it goes next in the Russian alphabet as А (a), Б (b), В (v & w).

Vanilla-like – despite of the common thought about the meaning of this adjective, from now on it has a new definition. That is the quality of the subject describing it’s sexuality and attractiveness. It reminds of GACKT with everything. Something that makes you desire not only to kiss someone but……..
use examples:
this actor is so vanilla-like
he has such a vanilla-like voice
(by mikomijade)

to vanilla – to do what GACKT offers in the verses of the song with the same name. (by mikomijade)

to vanillalize:
1 – to do some nasty things as for instance: to vanillalize someone (by Midori)
2 – «to flirt»…and surely then one can vanillalize, and the use of the word may also be referred ^__^ – the meaning of the «vanillalize» is in a sort of the visual заключался в некой зрительной prelude, non-physical contact (looks and hints :)), with all the nasty causes ;) ….hmm…yes – to flirt is not the exact word here :) (by Ai)

(by Царёк (Tsaryok))


GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (B)

Gacktlessness (Безгактность) – (in Russian language it starts from B so it is here) mental withdrawal symptoms, which occurs as the result of GACKTo-dependence when for some reasons GACKTo-dependant cannon possess the information about GACKT or listen (watch) anything about GACKT. And GACKTo-dependants eager to absorb as much information as possible. Every GACKTo-dependant had its own terms for the GACKTo withdrawal symptoms; some can survive one day without him and some cannot stand a single hour without reading/watching/listening to GACKTOinformation. GACKTo- withdrawal symptoms are treated with the help of information concerning GACKT, the treatment course is totally individual and depends on terms and symptomatic reflections of the illness. (from ~Yuu Kuraibara~)

Butabara – is the statement said when one has no idea what to say (from Ayaka).


GACKTAURUS (Ru) translations (A)

ACamuinosis - critical insufficiency of GACKT in the cerebral activity of GACKTofans which occures as the result of temperance in watching or listening to GACKT. (by Violette13)

AriGACKTo (other versions: Domo ariGACKTo, ariGACKTo Godzaimasu or ariGACKTo Camuimasu) - a polite form of gratitude in the conversation between fans of GACKT (ariGACKTo Godzaimasu – very polite form))) – ad. by Mikomijade), (ariGACKTo Camuimasu – even more polite and full of respect form)))) – ad. by Cantara)